Jon Gold



wip, February ‘18

My journey started with discovering graphic design to make flyers and album covers for the punk bands I played in as a teenager. Down that rabbit hole, I fell in love with Müller-Brockmann and his cohort of Swiss designers - spiritual precursors that led us to the design systems movement and everything we do these days. I’m addicted to learning, and over the years have picked up most technologies that I’ve crossed paths with.

I don’t believe in silos. I think of myself as a designer, engineer, AI researcher & musician, each at once, whilst being none of those things in the way that my friends are. We use the term Design Technologist at work which comes close to being apt; really I just like making interesting things with whatever tools will get me there.

I currently work at Airbnb as a Design Technologist, building tooling for designing with systems, and researching & prototyping the more distant future of what our interactions with computation might look like — tangible, communal computing backed by AI.

Previously, I worked at lots of startups that don’t exist anymore.

Increasingly I’m jaded with the effect that consumer tech is having on our ability to focus & to relate to each other — I hope we can find our way back to a more reasonable injection of technology into our lives.

Outside of the office, I strive to be as balanced as one can be: I live in a 12-person do-ocratic commune; spend large portions of my year with my wonderful Burning Man community; meditate, journal & play music every day, and make the most of the Californian outdoors with motorcycles, backpacks, running shoes and yoga mats.

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